Tools to Rent Not Buy

When it comes to getting tools for a DIY project, people have a tendency to prefer buying over renting almost all of the time. While you may prefer the added convenience of having a number of tools in your home at all times, there are cases where it makes a lot more sense to rent. For example, certain wood working tools are very big and may take up excessive space in your home. In addition, you end up paying a lot of money to only use the tools a few times. Here is a look at some tools that you should rent instead of buying.

1. Tile Saw

Even though some quality tile saws are available for as little as $50 from shops such as Home Depot, it still makes more sense to rent one of these items. They are not useful for a number of functions, especially because they do not work on marble or thicker tiles. If you are only going to use the tile saw one or two times in your life, you do not need to spend money on owning this item.

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2. Rotary Hammer

There are some cases where an ordinary drill is not enough. Whether you are using other wood working tools or performing a DIY project, you may need a rotary hammer in order to really get deep into your home’s foundation. But it makes more sense to rent this item, because you will only need to use it on rare occasions.

3. Tiller

Tillers are very useful for turning up your soil, but they only need using one time a year. If you are living in a certain area, you may need to use it two times a year. In either case, buying this item makes little sense. You are much better off renting the item or borrowing it from someone when you need to till the soil.