4 Unique Sofa Styles to Decorate Your Living room

 A home feels like home when it serves comfort and easiness to you as the person who lives in there. When you are tired, your home will be the place to relax and refresh your mind. Is wide space enough to relieve your stress? Definitely not. You are not going to lay on the floor; you need a comfy sofa. But just like other items of furniture, you will need to spend some times before getting the right one that suits your taste and room interior.

best sofa for your home

Do not believe people who say all sofas are just the same due to their function; they are ignorance. The fact is, when you start hunting a sofa, you are going to find different types of it that offer you distinctive styles to decorate your living room. But the real question here is, which is the best sofa bed type for your home?. Here you will see 4 unique kinds of sofas to consider:

Sectional sofa

                If you are a person with many guests that come and go from your house, a sectional sofa will suit you best. Commonly found in U and L-shape, a sectional sofa usually consists of 3 to 5 pieces that are easy to configure. Do not forget to check whether the sofa has fixtures or not since they are commonly included in the set. Available in a wide range of style and size, it is better for you to think carefully before deciding which one to take home.

Lawson-style sofa

Basically, no sofa that has better features than others as it really depends on your preference. Say you take comfort as your number one requirement a sofa should meet, the Lawson style will be your best option. Why so? Because this sofa is originally designed for comfort that is completed with pillows separated from the frame. Softer and more cushioned, they are the key features to highlight form Lawson-style. Similar to the sectional one, this sofa is also available in various colors, sizes, and materials.

Contemporary mid-century modern sofa

 Contemporary interior is a perfect match for a modern sofa like this one: contemporary mid-century modern style. Simplicity is the characteristic of this style that does not give a stuffy and “crowded” impression to the whole view of your living room design. Although not all, most sofas in this style use soft and clear colors so they will be easily combined with all tones of the wall. In other words, it is flexible.

Bridgewater sofa

Some furniture items give formal looks to your room, but not for this one. Bridgewater sofa design is defined as casual and comfortable with arms that are slightly rolled to the side and are lower than the sofa back. Instead of radiating modernity, this style brings traditional atmosphere in a unique way. It is not so popular nowadays but still can be an extraordinary option to try. So, what’s your favorite?

The Best Brand of Down Comforter

It is important to have down comforter in winter. However, if you think that this comforter is only suitable to be used in winter, you get the wrong idea. It is because of some of the good brand of down comforter will give you a convenience feeling whether it is in summer or in winter. Therefore, do you know the best brand of it?


Pinzon Signature Pyrenees Hypoallergenic Goose Down Comforter

Down comforter has two filler options. one of it is a goose and another one is duck feather. When it is compared, the goose filler will be softer and warmer. It is because of the goose is a wilder than duck, so the goose has a longer feather to keep they still war outside. Although both of it has the same quality, but the goose filler gives more convenience feeling.

Since this comforter is made by animal’s father, it is very possible to make someone get allergies. therefore, you need to find a product that gives you a low risk of allergy. pinzonSignature Pyrenees has the dobby woven stripe pattern and it gives the most elegant and comfortable appearance. It is not thick and it is also not too thin. It is plain and simple. This product also has larger clusters of goose down, so it gives the room a space to breathe. It keeps your body warm and heats although you use it during the summer. The filling was sanitized thoroughly from elements that trigger any allergies.

Just for your information, sleeping is the time to you to allow yourself to get some rests and pull out all of your worries, anxiety, and the stress. The great one is a product of down comforter that will always accompany you anytime. Before you select the down comforter, you should notice these three aspects. They are fill, construction, and fabric. Pinzon Signature Pyrenees Hypoallergenic Goose Down Comforter has prepared it all for you. What are you waiting for? You can read the customer reviews about this product. You will make yourself sure with this brand.